About Mission Law Group

Melinda Misener

Melinda grew up in Ontario and then moved to New Brunswick, where she finished high school. She obtained an honours B.A. in Psychology from Queen's University, while working in a small law firm in New Brunswick in the summers. After obtaining her degree, she headed to the west coast for a 3-week holiday in Vancouver in 1983, which turned into a fifteen-year stay! Within that time she furthered her studies at U.B.C. in Sciences and in Business Administration, and worked at various large law firms in Vancouver, primarily in the litigation field.

Melinda moved to Kelowna in 1998 and worked as a senior legal assistant in personal injury law for 8 years. She joined Mission Law Group when the firm was formed, becoming the senior conveyancing legal assistant.

Melinda enjoys tennis, skiing and reading, and spends many an hour working in her garden.